Our Crucialist model enables members to talk with a doctor any time of the day—24/7, at no charge. The doctors are Crucialists which are Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians  trained to orchestrate the care patients need when they experience an emergent situation and would prefer to triage from home. A Crucialist can:

  • Answer questions about condition or medicines

  • Recommend treatment for illness or injury

  • Orchestrate care, including:

    • Appointments with primary care or specialist

    • In-home care, connected virtually to emergency physician

    • Follow-up after hospital visit

    • Transportation and support visiting required emergency/urgent care locations


With a Crucialist just a phone call away, members have the peace of mind they can get the care they need—when they need it—while saving time and money. 

Since the model works under value-based arrangements with plan sponsors and their delegated risk organizations, the total cost of the program is funded out of savings.

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