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Crucialist is the first Value-Based Population Emergency Medicine solution provider to be third-party verified to reduce ER visits among member populations.

Crucialist partners with payers, self-funded employers, and physician groups to leverage the capabilities of Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctors to create better care experiences while significantly reducing avoidable hospital-related costs.

For payers and employers, our virtual-first medical practice uses claims data analysis and realtime health data to identify and engage high-impact members, working closely with them to solve the hurdles preventing them from being healthy.

For physician groups, we embed as an extension of your practice to bring together traditionally siloed areas of healthcare, improving continuity of care, and providing effective alternatives to avoidable ER visits.

For all our partners, we build deep, trusted relationships with every member we work with, whether it is a low-acuity inbound call or a very complex high-impact member. This trust earns us the right to have challenging conversations about what is truly impacting the member's health and then take action alongside the member and their providers to solve these needs, including clinical challenges, mental health needs, and social determinants of health (SDoH).

Our work has yielded a 97% Member Satisfaction Rating (NPS) for 2021 and third-party validated Reduction of ER Visits by 22.2%.

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