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CredentialGenie is a software and services company that helps manage provider and payer credentialing. CredentialGenie software is a modern, intuitive cloud-based web application designed to make the process of initial credentialing and ongoing document management easy and paperless. With CredentialGenie you can receive alerts when credentials are due for renewal, create applications and forms with electronic signature and automated sanction checks to help reduce redundancies, improve compliance and add better visibility into your workflows. CredentialGenie is also an outsourced credentialing provider that manages the process of provider and payer credentialing on behalf of the facility. We work directly with the providers and payers to ensure all required documentation is completed to the highest standards, helping to expedite the credentialing process so your staff can continue to see patients without interruption to your services. Our outsourced credentialing can either help your current credentialing team in times of increased demand or replace the need of hiring a credentialing specialist altogether, saving you time, money, and improved reliability. 


  • Modern cloud-based web application to manage provider credentials

  • Alerts when credentialing files are due for renewal

  • Visibility into all your credentialing files anytime from anywhere 

  • Outsource provider and payer credentialing

  • Reduce errors, save time and money and improve customer service for your providers  

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