Enterprise Profile 

Medical Life Holdings develops and manages healthcare companies committed to making healthcare more efficient and valuable. The portfolio offers a combination of services necessary to drive value in the healthcare value chain.

Founded in 2007 by Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians, we believe patients deserve access to the right care, at the right time, and in the right place, and if accomplished, it will be the right price. We knew that being sick was scary, and that each company we develop must be dedicated to providing care that creates peace of mind. Our teams of dedicated emergency medicine specialists leverage technology, data analytics, proprietary provider training, SDoH, and robust care orchestration to improve patient well-being and yield actuarially verified medical cost control.

Crucial Care Emergency Facilities are payer friendly outpatient emergency facilities that create actuarially validated savings of greater than $20M per facility per year. Crucialist provides 24/7 access to Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians with Care Orchestration between other value-based providers.


Opened brick and mortar facilities that reduced potentially preventable hospital admissions


Savings actuarially validated

Applied successes to non-brick and mortar care models


Launched in-home care model that reduces Readmissions > 50%


Launched medical staffing company

Partnered with GuideWell, sister affiliate of Florida Blue, on state wide brick and mortar initiative


Launched risk bearing population management company that reduces preventable hospital admissions and avoidable ED utilization


Our team of experienced executives have a combined 70 years of healthcare leadership. They have deep payer and provider experience working with small, medium, and large healthcare companies, including multiple successful exits. 

Mike Shumer 

Chairman, Medical Life Holdings

CEO, Crucial Care


John Martin, CPA

CFO, Medical Life Holdings

CFO, Crucial Care


Nick Dodaro, MD, FACEP

CMO, Medical Life Holdings

President and CMO, Crucial Care


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John McCreedy

Chief Strategy Officer

Medical Life Holdings